Four Permata call center services you can try :
Four Permata call center services you can try :

Four Permata call center services you can try :

Four Permata call center services you can try

The Permata call center is not only a forum and a bridge between official bank officials and their customers, where customers can express complaints and questions. The call center can also be used as a means of communication to convey to customers the necessary information related to the bank’s products

As one of the most reliable banks, Permata Bank can provide various services to customers andtheir wishes.   These various services are certainly designed to ease the entire burden on customers. One of them is loan services and savings services in a simple way.

If earlier you had to go to the nearest Permata office to get this information, now you can simply ask for detailed information through the Permata call center. You will immediately be in contact with officials who have the opportunity and knowledge to answer all your questions about the product.

Just after dialing the phone number that was reported, you will immediately log in to the bank. Then, what are the bank’s products, the information of which can be obtained through the Permata Call Center? Here is a detailed overview of the various superior Permata Bank products , about which you can get information.

Information about Retail is everything available in call centers

One of the best products offered to its customers is retail products. It includes various types, ranging from deposits, savings, mutual funds, current accounts and ending with mortgage services. There are still many types of Permata Bank retail products  that you can enjoy the benefits of. To do this, get all the information at once.

Information related to retail and generic products can be easily found in the Permata call center above  . Thus, you can contact permata bank at any time, indefinitely, and, of course, the answer is quick.

This call service is automatic because it is answered using a self-response machine that automatically provides answers. However, the answers given are also still of high quality and are based on real officials who are well versed in previously sold products. Try to get in touch now for information.

The retail products offered are more common andcan be used  for any needs. You can  also create a credit card using this service based on what you need. Nowadays, everything can be done simply and easily, without much effort.

Want to go to the Hajj? Get information about Sharia through the Permata Call Center

Permata Bank not only offers joint retail products,  but also offers Sharia products that are friendly to Muslim customers. The type is fundamentally not much different from general retail, just what is special is that this Sharia product provides savings services to perform the hajj.

Of course, who is not interested in worshipping the hajj and being reliably facilitated by Permata Bank? This hajj saving is for customers who have plans to run the hajj. To save on costs, it is easy and does not burden the client at all. Just follow the stated requirements.

There  are also several advantages provided by Permata Bank, in this case very pampering customers. All information can be obtained through the Permata call center at the address 1500111. The benefits that can be obtained include not only savings, but also certainty about the departure of the hajj.

This guarantee of going to the hajj is obtained on the basis of the SISKOHAT of the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia. What else raises doubts? Not to mention the fact that the initial deposit you pay is usually small, which is 250, 000 rupees, even up to 50, 000 rupees for the next time. Administrator fees are also free without any conditions per month.

To save on operations, it is also very simple. You can do this anywhere in the offices of the permata bank, both public and sharia. You can request all the information through the Permata call center provided by the bank.

Meet your business needs with SME products

Business is one of the great opportunities for making a profit. But often many people face obstacles when they want to start their own new business. Therefore, Permata Bank provides SMEs with product offers that will help meet all the needs of your business. Want to use this service?

If you want to try this one product, you can find the information through the Permata Call Center. Through this connection, you can get answers that are clear, complete and accurate, even if they are answered by a self-answering machine. All you have to do is click on the 1500399 number or send an email to  the

One of the types of products offered by SMEs is the presence of a fixed loan. This fixed loan can be useful as the capital of your business. The advantage that you can get from this service is that later you will be financed really for all the needs of your business. Of course, it is very profitable.

The payment schedule also uses a repayment scheme in the form of installments, which is adjusted to take into account the cash flows of the Client’s business. The use of this fixed loan service not only helps to provide capital, but also helps to smooth out the cash flows of the business managed by the Client. You should try it now and feel the benefits.

Trade finance is also available early

The last product about which you can get information through the Permata call center is trade financing.  Permata Bank provides this service to those of you who are engaged in a large trading business with others.

There are many advantages that you can get from this service, for example, the provision of guarantees from banks that will make your trading business more reliable. What’s more, trade transactions are also guaranteed security through internal and external  data collection devices.  Of course, your business was safe.

Not to mention the possibilities of issuing and receiving SKBDN and LC. This helps to reliably and easily expand your trading business abroad. This is a very convenient device for you, isn’t it? Because, in fact, this trading business needs protection and guarantees.

This trading business is indeed a risky and dangerous business if you are not careful in maintaining its safety. That is why you have to entrust it to a very reliable country, taking care of matters related to such trade. If your business is safe, of course, the profits you get are also high.

In order to be able to contact Permata and get detailed information related to this product, you can press the same button as the SME service, namely the 1500399 number. Just go ahead and say what you want to ask, then it will be answered immediately.

There are still many different profitable products that you can actually enjoy from this  Bank  of Permata . All of them are designed to suit your needs. Now, what else are you hesitating about from all the above products? Just contact the Permata Call Center for more information about the above products.

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