The characteristics of any Sandanian cultural residence design
The characteristics of any Sandanian cultural residence design

The characteristics of any Sandanian cultural residence design

The traditional house ofWestJavahasunique historical high decorations

Seeing the architectural formapplied in the drawings of traditional housesin WestJava, it certainly has a unique design. Not only unique, but interesting to be used as a place tolive by the community. Speaking of design, of course, the shape ofthe house has existed since ancient times as a relic.

The design of the house must have adapted from a certain architecture and then changed it to become a new thing. The peculiarity of the existence of the traditional house is certainly capable of providinga classic touchto its occupants. Until now, it is still possible to adjust the shape of the house toget intothe full modern architecture.

However, did you know all the traditional houses located in the province? Since each tribe and region hasunique characteristics, especiallytraditional houses in West Java, of courseitcan be preferredas an identity. It isthis type of regionalpridethat can beused to give a varietyofflavors in a unique way.

Wewant to discussthe entirelistin full to serve as a guide fortoday’s company. If you are able to understand and preserve culture, there is no doubtthat the existence of hereditary traditions will never disappear. Solet’sfollow the full discussion so that it addsinsightto all people to get to know theculture.

Themost complete list oftraditional WestJava house names

When you know about the existence of housing that is a legacy of ancestors, of course there are different models for each region. There must be a separate purpose and historical valueregarding the name behind the shape of the house. In fact, it is notsurprising that so farthe existence of the house is very unique and stilleasy to find.

The areaof West Java province is very close and thick with community culture so it isstillvery respectable. Including thedesign choice of traditional housesin West Javainside, almost everyonestilladherestotraditional buildings as residential. There are several names that are embedded in dwellings according to certain forms inWest Java.

Itconsists of Hawaiian Rhinoceros Horror, Julang Nagpak, Komorev boat, Jolofengand dog togog. Each name issynonymous with the term in animals and has its own meaning according to the design. You can identify usingphotosfrom traditional homes typical of WestJava, so it will be easier to see the difference.

In addition to the five most popular types of traditional housesin WestJava, of course there are other modelsthat are quite old. Only in certain placesif you want to findthetype of housethat there are few of them. The residencein question has the numerical names of her mother Capit Capit, Ima Kaspohanand Song Rangoon.

Within the community, of course, this type of custom is still conductedas much as possible at the stage of residential development. Especiallyin rural areas, it will be easier for youto findall forms of houses according totheregion. This is because some of the names ofhis houseshave a tendency to be found in certain areasaccording to their customs.

Traditional shapes and designs in residential buildings

After getting acquainted with the name of the traditionalhouse ofWest Java, now is the time to understand thedesign in detail.  This stepwill provide a view for you whenyou want to understand the difference between each house name. This discussion will start from the existence of the Huay horror rhinoceros that is still often found.

Knowing the shape of the heuay rhinoceros house turns out to bevery simple because it is made of wood and bamboo. The choice of basic building materials also means that the homeowneris able to take care ofhis family. Type Badak heuaybelongs tohigh-rise apartments because the foundationis not in direct contact with the ground.

Further to Julang Nagpak, this residencehas a rather uniqueshape because it is shaped like a bird. In the picture, the joulang bird flies and flaunts its V-shaped wings. For the decoration, ituses flat woodfor different cornersand isdesignedto have feeton the base.

Thenext peculiarity of the traditionalhousein WestJavais the comorb boat that has a shape like an inverted triangle. The unique modelowned by the shape of the house can be used on the front and back sideat the same time. Sinceit has four main parts, this residence is very multi-functionaldepending on the needs of the landlord.

Themother dog Togog has a double-layeredroof that has a triangular shapeand has a base forthe foot. While imah jolopong is the most common house found when you visit the Sundanese area. As it is fairly modern, Jolofeng is one of the only apartmentswhose foundationis directly combinedwith TeNu.

The characteristics of any Sandanian cultural residence design

Each apartment must have certain characteristicsand philosophieswhen creating construction structures in detail. The uniqueness ofthistraditional house in western Javamust be known in detailas a tradition left by the ancestors. Thus, at least it is necessaryto understandtheform of residence for purpose and purpose before it begins to be builton its philosophy.

Closely related to its name, rhinoceros heuay has the meaning of rhinoceros that evaporates as a form of whole. On the front side of the roof, you can see the shape of the rhinoceros as a philosophy of the ancestors. The existence ofsuch a philosophy would demonstrate that the Sundanese community is very friendly to their guests.

Her mother Julang Nagfaqhas the characteristicthat her inhabitants have a clevercharacterin solving all matters. Especially in the problems of life, the landlord seemstohavetheability to mediate interest. The shape of the stage in its design is also the philosophythat man livesbetween the earth and the sky.

Afterknowingthat the traditional housesof WestJava are someNamAnya-like names, at least there are Komorev boats.  According to philosophy, the residence was built with the design of a ship that capsized on the roof. Sinceit has an elongated triangular shape, this houseis often considered uniqueand adapted by the community.

The discussion about horror Jolofeng, of course, has an open character in accepting guests to hold various meetings. Then forthe dog’s tog breed , its shape resembling asitting dog describes simplicity. Because of its simple shape, the Togog horror dogisoften combined with minimalistlivingdécorin a modern style.

History of ancestral remains associated with Sundish architecture

Discussing theexistence of different formsof dwellingsinthe West Java area is indeed interesting. The reason is,the types of housesare very diverse and have their own meaning to be inhabitedby a family. Ancient architecturemusthave a preference to be applied in order to be able to become comfortable living.

When you realize thatthe traditional house of WestJava consistsofseveral different names, it certainlyinvites curiosity. Residential modelsfrom the pasthave a highhistorical value because they are capable of becoming a tradition. Eachtype of home hasa very thick meaning in the value of people’s lives every day.

Many functionsand functionsofresidence depend on the type, soitcan be adapted tothe needs of residents. The remains of the ancestors in the pastare still closely related to the customs of the ancient kingdom. When the monarchy was still in power, the shape of the housewas still uniform and almost identical to everyresident.

If you lookatit in detail, the average base does not touchthe ground and getsfeet in every corner. The main purpose of the design is to protectresidentsfromthe attackofwild animals. There is no doubt that these kinds of thingshave a valuable history aroundthe way of thinking in cultureand customs.

Over time,this typeofresidential tradition must remain viableand notdisappear. Most modernsocietyis trying to adapt the design of indigenous houses to the new styleofthe current model. In this way, the existence of the mostcompletetraditional homein WestJavamustremainviable until all times.

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