Best Police Department of West Java Regional Pride : Blog1
Best Police Department of West Java Regional Pride : Blog1

Best Police Department of West Java Regional Pride : Blog1

Meet the latest departments, communities and West Java police chiefs


Discussing  the West Java Regional Police, it certainly cannot be distinguished from leniency in service delivery but firmness in the elimination of injustice. This is because of the philosophy of Sunni sects, who are always close to nature, so that they remain calm and quiet. But it is respected by people for being strict even when on duty.


Right now, there is a new regional police chief to replace the old one who is actually motivated by something special, and we can discuss a lot about the West Java Regional Police, including all the best divisions of his pride, which was most powerful until he entered Indonesian national television with a well-known patrol group.


Who, meanwhile, is the last West Java police chief?


If you do not know exactly who the head of the west Java region police are, then the answer is Irgen Ahmad Dofiri. He was indeed appointed to replace Irjen Rudy Sufahriadi, who was removed on the grounds that he had not followed the latest health protocols. This is due to the return of one of the scientists to Indonesia.


The New West Java police chief himself is among cimahi people who still grew up and trained there. Irjen Ahmad Dofiri was born on June 4, 1967, and already has one wife and three children. This family became a morale booster for her to become the best policeman.


The start of the work of Irjen Ahmad Dofiri himself began in 2005 when he entered The Tangerang Police Station, where he immediately took over as police officer of the Cassubag Jabpamentil SDM in the Republic of Indonesia. Then in 2007 he continued to Bandung Police, at which time he began to have many more important roles for his unit.


In addition, the new West Java police chief actually got into Densus 88 as well, so there is no need to doubt its quality. Irjen Ahmad Dofiri has raised his hand in the country’s security from terrorism. He even wrote a book about eliminating terrorist crimes so that he could provide useful knowledge to the public.


The writing of the book is based on the personal experience of Irjen Ahmad Dofiri, formerly head of the Southeast Sulawesi provincial police station. The Sulawesi region itself is famous for being very dangerous to the world of terrorism, particularly the Poso region and its surroundings. Therefore, Irjen Ahmad Dofiri dared to decide whether to join the struggle to destroy him.


Best Police Department of West Java Regional Pride


Currently in West Java, it is the same as any other area fully equipped with police units or units, one of which is DVI. This unit has a function in identifying victims of natural disasters or crimes that have died. It is no different, i.e. there is Inafis in charge of fingerprints.


In addition, the head of the western Java police also plays a special role in the formation of coastal and tourism police  . As the name implies, it will be in charge of providing coastal areas and tourism. Especially often there are minor crimes such as robbery or jambret. Another task is to help people who are lost or lost.


This is very different from other unions such as the UN, which has a greater responsibility with the sending of peacekeepers to the warlands. This is therefore an honour if one of the West Java police members is elected as a UN officer. Even after they return home, they will be rewarded.

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There is also Densus 88 tasked with eliminating all forms of terrorism in and around West Java. Of course, prevention is the best option that a unit will always make. Also considering that hiding under the guise of religion in Indonesia is also very dangerous to be introduced by terrorists.


Next up are the K-9s, where they are really cool because they are equipped with dogs as officers. They are able to detect a wide variety of important things, such as bodies on drugs. Finally, there is a demo or a unit that is cool to ride where it is useful to keep it safe when there are many crowds.


Popular patrol group set up by West Java provincial police


In addition to becoming known for their units, many areas in West Java reportedly formed their own patrol groups for security purposes, one of them the Jaguar community. Jaguar himself was created and managed as a leader by Iptu Winam Agus and managed to capture all sorts of public works, especially in and around Depok.


He then, of course, urged the chief of the western Java police to appreciate his ability to patrol his territory. We can see for ourselves that Jaguar is able to reduce crime rates through its behavior on television programs. Indonesians will be more peaceful if the police can always patrol their territory so that there is no longer street crime.


In particular, actually eliminating motorcycle gangs is really one of the goals of the Jaguar, especially in South Jakarta. This is more or less the same as the Pradu community in Bandung, whose original aim was to really destroy motorcycle gangs. In addition, Bandung is at risk of a fight between the gangs because of many of their associations.


Moreover, Bandung is indeed often violent to the point of legalization, and then many parties join Prause’s team. Later, from the street crime unit to the West Java Regional Police drug addicts,  they collaborated. Another team, Cobra, who is from his mistress, is in charge of maintaining security and order there.


His mistress is still a big city, consisting of many associations of organizations or motorcycle gangs. The result is to avoid the horror of crime, fights and motorcycle gangs through patrols. Here, the Cobra team is able to patrol in a sufficient number of employees to suppress crimes that can always happen.


How to report crime problems to provincial police


If you feel you have seen or felt the crime firsthand, you can actually report it directly to the nearest police headquarters. This is the best move, because although they usually report to a call center and the patrol group generally has to inform the office officially. So everything is better cared for.


Still, for initial practice, in addition  to directly reporting to The West Java Regional Police  Station, it can now be accessed through call centres and other means such as social media. If you want to contact the call center, then just call 110. This number is always active 24 hours.


Calling this call center is also free because it is a service for community residents. Then you can report not only crimes, but everything that is connected with accidents or riots of citizens, especially fights or fights, which should break the order, so we need to urgently resolve it by calling the authorities.


In addition to a call center, office referrals can be directly via social networks, i.e. via an official Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account. But remember that not all police units are equipped with their social networks. So, you need to know which account is real, because there are often some fake accounts.


You are strongly encouraged to always be prepared to have an official call center or social media number for the people in and around Western Java. In addition, if a crime has occurred that has been experienced by yourself or others, it allows you to contact the appropriate parties.


Seeing how serious they are in serving the community, it is not surprising that in the future it can set an example for other regions. Especially in the system of direct service, such as the formation of patrol groups in different regions. In addition, the West Java Regional Police continue to improve themselves so they can remain present to the maximum as friends of the nation.