Check the list of the latest Ibox Service Center locations : BANSOS
Check the list of the latest Ibox Service Center locations : BANSOS

Check the list of the latest Ibox Service Center locations : BANSOS

Check the list of the latest Ibox Service Center locations

For those of you Apple product users, you should check the list of  the latest Ibox service center locations  that know you need one day   .  Since Apple products usually have a pretty expensive price.

Apple’s product quality is undoubtedly undoubted, it can be said that Apple products are one of the best in the world. Apple productsare not only loved in theCountry of Origin of the United States, but also around the world, including Indonesia a. Indonesians are many lovers of Apple products.

Although the quality of this Apple product is very good, it does not rule out the possibility of damage. Repairing Apple products really can’t be careless. In addition, not all repair sites can fix Apple products. For this, you should check the list of the  latest Ibox service center locations  in your city if you want to make your Apple products.

To buy Apple products, it also cannot be in random places. Since the money spent is not small, you should buy it on a trusted apartment.   Don’t let yourself buy Apple products that are not authentic.

One of Apple’s leading products in Indonesia Ibox. Ibox sells original Apple products that range from gadgets, laptops, complementary accessories and many others. Apple products sold in Ibox are real products   .

Check the list of  the latest Ibox Service Center locations  in major cities

Repairing Apple products is not as easy as improving similar products with different brands. As mentioned earlier, not all gadget or laptop repair sites can repair apple gadget products or laptops.

If you are buying Apple products at Ibox, you should check the list of the latest Ibox service center locations.  Currently, there are several cities in IndOnezia   .   Those of you living in Jakarta can visit EMAX Apeople premium reseller  .

The  next city with an ibox service center is Tangerang.  One of them is located on Benton Junction Unit G 7, J alan Boulevard Palem Raya No. 38, Lippo Karawaci 1200, Tangerang 15811 5468209.

While in Bekasi you can find Velocity Apple fortified reseller. The address is at Cyber Park Bekasi 1, Jayalan XH. Noer Ali 177, Bekasi 17148.   You can also contact Velocity Apple  at  the following phone number 6221 8847490.

Then there are several Ibox service centers in bandung.     You can visit the ground floor of Paris Van Java #C-02, Bandung, West Java 40162 82063800.   There may be new service center material in the future, so don’t forget to  check the list of the latest ibox service center locations.

If you are outside the Jabodetabek area or Bandung, You can visit    several Addresses  of  the Ibox Service Center inothers such as Surabaya, YogiAkarta, Bali and Makasar.

What if the location does not existknows far away with Ibox Service Center?

When you checked the list of  the  latest ibox  service center locations  in your city and there is no place or far away you can use the shuttle.

The Erijaya shuttle service is not only for Apple products but also some products from other brands. Some of them are Asus, Huawei, GoPro, and so on. And it is good that Erijaya provides insurance protection of up to 40 million.

The  most popular citiesare Jakarta, Bogar, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Solo, Surabaya, Malang and Denpasar.  If you have checked  the  list of  the  latest locations of  the Ibox service center and are on the list of cities above you can use  this service Erajaya.

Tousethe shuttle, you should contact Erjaya by 087031139570 number.

Things tolook for when sending an Apple unit  to an Ibox service center through Erajaya after sales services

If you want to use Erajaya services to deliver goods to the Ibox Service Center site, then there are several things that need to be considered.  The first is to check the list of  the  latest locations of  the Ibox service center, whether they are included in the service coverage or not.  So you need to delete the privacy data before the goods are transferred from the courier.

Furthermore, if there is important data, you should support it yourself, as the data may be lost during the repair process. And please note that Erijaya is not responsible for privacy and important data if lost to your device. Therefore, prepare well so that personal data is not missed or important data is lost.

To further remove add-ons, SIM cards, and memory cards on your device. Because if there is a loss later on delivery to the service center, it will not receive a replacement. So you should useadditional add-ons, and the sim card is also removed before sending.

Advantageson D ari Ibox Servis Center

Making a service at the ibox service center clearly provides several benefits for you Apple product users.

The next advantage is that technicians working at Ibox are profesional people  .

     Ibox  service center employees are also very friendly and have a good knowledge of Apple products  .

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