How to Craft a Recipe for Hayam Bakakak Standard in West Java : Lorongku
How to Craft a Recipe for Hayam Bakakak Standard in West Java : Lorongku

How to Craft a Recipe for Hayam Bakakak Standard in West Java : Lorongku

Food Sweet Hchicken Bakak Kis located in West Java

Indonesia is famous for people who like to use spice products to improve the taste, especially the food they cook with the classic Bakakak Hayam in West Java. Especially if you explore many types of Nusantara model which have their own features that taste to pop on everyone’s tongue, be it dry dishes or sauces.

If we look at dry eating, it can go through the process of using the process of using bees, burning, baking or smoking. Then in the soup dishes, you already know that processing doesn’t have many patterns. Hayam bakakak itself is included in the special cooking category because the production process goes through steaming and baking levels.

In the two stages of processing it is certain that the aim is to make the spices go through and when eaten it becomes softer. Many variations of the processing recipe other than the west Javanese hayam standard bakakak use this method to be able to show and enhance the flavor of the dishes from spices and a smooth ceiling to a dish.

Of course, you can make things in your home but it still feels sweet when you eat rice. But keep in mind because using the baking stages that come out of it, the required cooking food must also match the requirements so that the seasoning can process the chicken meat well.

How to Craft a Recipe for Hayam Bakakak Standard in West Java

To make the chicken bakakak you have to already keep preparing other ingredients of whole chickens that are broken apart in the middle. The proposal to wrap a candy lice can use free skin to make the meat taste soft and delicious. Then prepare the following 500 milli thick coconut milk, 1 stick of lemongrass, 2 pieces of orange and bay leaves, 500 milli of water, salt and granulated sugar to taste.

After that and take care of the spices prepare 4 pieces of garlic, 8 pieces of onion, 3 pieces of pecans. Also don’t miss 1 galangal part, 1  part ginger, 1 tsp coriander and 1 tsp pepper then you can applyall the spices to be used after you want to eat hunger. but before that you should grease the beans with 3 pieces of garlic, 1 tbsp salt and 1 part of turmeric ±30 minutes.

The next step in processing the western hayam bakakak grass is to cotton the spices along with coconut milk and other ingredients until they produce a scent. Then put in the old-settled herbs and put them in the trees that had already settled and wait for the trees to grow taller. Just wait until the hama looks disrupted and shrinks and the coconut milk is cut out.

Once the rope has soaked in the chicken meat, continue the step by roasting the chicken until it is darkened. At this stage, you can drink the chicken regularly so that the handler can concentrate on the flavor of west Javanese bakakak chicken. If it looks cooked, the chicken is ready to be served with other fresh vegetables.

Dhadhamiya Astaamaha Astaamaha Hayam Bakakak Khas West Java

Basically, every processed meat should have its own flavor and this is nothing beyond the simple West Javanese hayam bakakak snack  . You can try your home recipe because the process process is easy and the ingredients used are available everywhere. It is guaranteed that the taste of the store will not be inferior to lemonade in other popular restaurants.

In a certain flavor you can taste a salty taste but they still feel synchronous. Of course, these flavors can be improved with each flavor. Especially when there are standing vegetables and pepper soups, you’ll be able to taste special dishes that can be eaten with warm rice. Violence can also be performed in the family at certain ceremonies or events.

If you want to see other variants of western Javanese hayam bakakak food , on the Internet many people have posted articles about their different species that you can use as a reference. Of course, everyone has the same handling similarities but the end result will still give them a different taste even though some of the seasonings and editing techniques are the same.

You can also get a variety of foods such as your taste in your food such as adding spices to further highlight the taste of Indonesian food. You can start a business by selling a roasted biscuit using your noodle nudle recipe. The taste of the distinction will be able to stir up the interest of many to taste the rake found in West Java.

Hayam Bakakak Has His Own History and Story Behind Its Sweetness

Basically, the bakakak itself is defined by sitting in a cross sundan, so the origin of why this dish is called the chicken the bakakak is because a chicken is made to break through the middle with an area of thighs that crossed as perched and cut the legs together. In addition, bakakak hayam food is standard in West Java if it is mostly used during a special feast.

The traditional traditions of the Sundanees or the West Java region often use the roasted carcass as a dish for the wedding ceremony. Later the bride and groom will eat the bus tray during the ceremony of ijab qabul to their traditional religious traditions. Dishes are eaten without rice so that the bride and groom can eat with mouths or two at the top of the mouth.

In addition to being used during wedding ceremonies, hayam bakakak dishes can also be used for traditional parades or circumcision which becomes a blessing on the day of happiness. Of course, this has become a traditional custom for Sundanese people, especially in the Pandeglang area, which has been downgraded for generations so  that the traditional bakakak hayam recipe in West Java is native.

As we know that marriage customs in each region have its own features, both central and western Java. But still the two regions have their own cultural differences and the ways in which they can be grateful. If you are interested in traditional wedding rituals, then nothing is wrong with using a bakakak chicken broth as a wedding blessing.

Hayam Bakakak dishes are only available in certain special places

Of the many food-edible Nusantara dishes in Indonesia, chicken bakakak is one of the rare dishes found anywhere you’re looking for. Similarly, there are still several popular restaurants which are able to serve this dish as the main mine. This is because many people don’t know how special the dish is.

But don’t worry, because you can still make your bakakak hayakak recipe  with the food you’ve been given before or find yourself online. If you consider the way it is operated is difficult, there is nothing wrong with trying to process this food because it is able to provide its own flavor and is different from other processed biscuit meats.

It’s worth noting that mother chicken is more advised because it can offer a sweeter taste than other chickens. Then if you want to commercially using h-bakakak food chicken, you should pay attention to the quality of ingredients and products so that customers don’t react. The uniqueness of the sweet flavors sweet taste the different salt flavors will always be interesting for a meal to feel.

Because what is rarely found elsewhere, then of course this is a good business idea to try. Start with the basics, by opening a food stall at home and at the same time promoting the sweetness of fried chicken for fried chicken. improvise the West Java hayam food bakakak in the midst of a very unique variation to attract more customers.

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