Puskesmas plays a role in fighting Covid-19 : WaMod
 Puskesmas plays a role in fighting Covid-19 : WaMod

 Puskesmas plays a role in fighting Covid-19 : WaMod

The role of the West Java Provincial Health Office in fighting Covid-19


In the fight against the covid-19 pandemic, which has not yet subsided,  the West Java Provincial Health Office has made various efforts.   This is because West Java is  one of the places where the coronavirus has been affected with the highest levels   .  Even a week before that  , the number of infected people  had increased.


Based on the West Java Covid Information and Coordination Center,  most of the cases  occurred in the Begazi area, but even so, the highest level of recovery  is seen in Pegasus.   There are many more residents in  West Java who are treating covid-19 patients.   For those who are positive, quarantine will be carried out later.


You can do the quarantine process either in the hospital or at your own home. For cases of this virus , it is said to end if the patient has recovered or died. Meanwhile, in West Java too, there are several cases of people dying of covid-19.


The nature of positive Covid cases may also change. It all depends on how to handle it. Therefore, the government and the health office in West Java are making various efforts to reduce the number of deaths of those infected with Covid-19.  Till now, the role of health workers is essential.


 West Java health workers  have already been vaccinated


In order to reduce the number of people who have died from this Covid virus or to reduce the number of people who have been hit, the government of the relevant West Java Provincial Health Office is also doing a lot of things. For example, this newbie is doing vaccines. In fact, in Indonesia, the vaccine has come out, but for recipients, it is not yet.


The first recipients of the vaccine are healthcare workers and related parties. In West Java alone, about 80% of healthcare workers have been vaccinated against Covid-19 through the Sinovac vaccine.   Vaccines received from the government have not yet reached all healthcare workers in West Java.


This is because each person will receive two doses. So even if it is inadequate, the West Java government will also try to accept it immediately so that it can be used.  The West Java Provincial Health Office will also  vaccinate its residents.  Even if  some things hamper the vaccination process, they can be tackled immediately.


Residents of West Java will have to wait again for the number of vaccines needed because the population living  in the area  is so high.   In fact, this number is the largest in Indonesia.    Thus, the administration of vaccines is also being carried out in phases.   But despite this, everyone will get  the breast milk vaccine.


In addition,  another issue that arises from the administration of this vaccine is due to the pros and cons of the injected type.     Many refused vaccination due to lack of MUI and BPOM labels  .  However, as legalization was granted from both companies, west  Java residents eventually wanted the injection to be administered.


Puskesmas plays a role in fighting Covid-19


In combating this coronavirus case, the West Java Provincial Health Office and  its government began to develop a program called the Integrated and Champion Health Center. At the beginning of the establishment of the program to deal with coronavirus cases, the government distributed several health workers.


Earlier, the health centre, which was trusted to handle Covid cases, was also decided.   But now an  update is being prepared  where  healthcare workers in dedicated health centres are being mixed up  to take care of those infected with covid-19.  So eventually  it  takes care of other diseases, which makes the  vaccine ineffective to implement  .


In the meantime, to deal with the cases of those infected with coronavirus themselves, this is indeed a special and serious matter. As a result, health workers were previously unable to work optimally in Puskesmas. So the latest plan was developed, i.e. an integrated health centre specifically for dealing with Covid cases.  The project  was developed by the West Java government.


The  government hopes to increase its effectiveness by employing  new health workers at the health facility. The role of the  West  Java Provincial Health Office  is  also crucial  in making this program  a success.  Meanwhile, the West Java government itself is demanding a new number of medical personnel to place a large number of medical personnel in puschemas.


This is  one of the innovations made by the  West Java government to tackle this coronavirus pandemic. Handle this by the stock optimization of puskesmas  .  Thus, there are more and more human resources that the program can be successfully run.


Upgrade integrated Puskesmas and Champion


As for the combined and champion Puskesmas or Puspa, this is  a new method  from the  provincial government and the West  Java Provincial Health  Office to  fight the Covid-19 pandemic  – this is done by improving the role of puskesmas. West Java has been implemented in some areas.


Through this PUSPA programme,  the government is collaborating among industries engaged in various sectors. It is being used to improve the use of tracing, testing and treatment. Not only that, but it is also being used to increase the 3M set up by the government.


This is being implemented to increase the handling of the coronavirus outbreak. The purpose of developing this Puspa project is to ensure that the community is obedient in the use of 3M  .  Earlier, health workers who were asked to take care of covid-19 were also working on other things outside the virus outbreak.


At the same time, the  main task of the medical officer to take care of covid-19 in accordance with the arrangements of the  West Java Provincial Health Office is to deal with the covid-19 problem in particular. They are asked to know about the people who are actually exposed to the virus, and to report and come to the concerned health center.


The team from Puspa will also be tasked with monitoring the close contact residents. This is because, in the past, there are not many cases that have been successfully monitored. It  therefore requires optimization to increase the effectiveness of the project previously prepared by the Government of  West Java.  Puspa will be distributed to all areas in West Java.


Mobile possant for red zone


Amid this coronavirus pandemic, the government and  the West Java Provincial Health  Office   continue to give importance to the health of their people. Of course, you still have to implement the protocols set by the government. However, especially for areas in the red zone, this basic health measure is carried out around.


The health workers, along with the concerned parties  , will conduct a mobile nutrition to reduce the incidence of deaths due to other factors. The health programme itself is carried out by medical personnel with the relevant equipment by visiting people’s homes directly.  Based on its own enforcement, it will be carried out in accordance with the existing protocols.


The working technique is adjusted only depending on the requirements. In general, the poseant itself will be made by assembling in one place. However, by going around this, the residents stay at home and then they will be visited directly by the West Java regional medical authorities.  So that the implementation itself is in accordance with what is really needed.


The current COVID-19 pandemic, which is still busy, has made many sectors experience problems. But now there are protocols that reduce deployment.  Death cases are also declining, and  cases recovered with the help of the community complying with government regulations and the  West Java Provincial Health Office  are on the rise.

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