Sweet and savory filling ingredient recipe : AnimeIndo
Sweet and savory filling ingredient recipe : AnimeIndo

Sweet and savory filling ingredient recipe : AnimeIndo

Recommendations for the Tastiest West Javanese Combro Cake Recipes


Making a typical West Java combro cake recipe ¬†independently turns out not to be difficult even by ordinary people. You don’t have to learn the course first, as it has been taught by many people downhill. In addition, there are already many menus that can be imitated via the internet.


Combro itself is a processed cassava with different fillings, with the Sundanese version having its own characteristics. So far there are indeed many versions such as of Central Java where it is usually sweet. You can make an original version with a savory flavor, a steady spicy flavor, or a sweet taste.


Original West Javanese Combro Cake Recipe


When we talk about the typical Sundanese combro preparations, it cannot be separated from the use of oncom as a filling. This one ingredient is actually made through a fermentation process that is more or less the same as in tempeh. But here the ingredients for making it are varied, it can be in the form of coconut pulp, cassava, peanuts and so on.


Making filling ingredients for various recipes of this typical West Java combro cake itself requires a struggle because the fermentation process is quite difficult. Later, all pulp ingredients combined as oncom will be mixed with yeast. The production process is still the same even since the 17th century when it was first made.


Meanwhile, to make an original combro or the name of the sundanya comro, you can first prepare the external ingredients such as cassava and coconut that are not too old. Also prepare a few spoonfuls of salt and cooking oil. Do not forget to place the feature of various Sundanese preparations.


Then for the filling of the west java combro cake recipe in the form of comro, it can consist of onion and white, salt, powdered broth, pepper and mashed oncom. In addition, you are advised to add leeks and basil leaves. It is aimed at removing non-medium odors from oncom.


When cooking, we must first mix the outside and the fine herbs. You need to remember about the right dose, do not let it be too salty, because it will be combined with the filling. While making the filling, puree the oncom to a smooth mass and mix only several other filling ingredients.


Combro preparations use unique ingredients


In addition to using the original version, it is certainly more interesting when added to the use of various unique ingredients such as spicy anchovies. Here we will distinguish only in the filling, so that for the outdoor dough we can use the regular version. So prepare important ingredients such as cassava, potatoes, grated coconut, peppers and leeks.


To then  make the filling in this west java combro cake recipe, we need oncom, anchovies, bay leaf, brown sugar and coconut milk. Try smoothing it for oncom so that it is easy to mix with other fillings. In addition, it is also advisable to use extra basil leaves so that they smell nice.


The main thing to note here is actually in the processing of anchovies where it should not produce too strong a fish smell. Therefore, it is mandatory to use additional basil leaves or orange leaves. Unique preparations in addition to the use of anchovies can use cheese because they are popularly used in the best mixes of different menus.


Later, the use of raw materials will be more adapted to the taste of cheese, so that we can mix cassava and potatoes as the main highlight. Other equipment to be prepared in this unique menu is cheese, grated old coconut, leek, chili, grilled oncom, sugar, coconut milk and new cooking oil.


To ensure that the taste still has a typical Sundanese taste, it can be added with basil leaves so that the aroma is tastier. The cheese part itself can be put in or as a topping alone. This is the advantage of using cheese where the use is flexible, it can even be used as a mixture of delicious coconut sauces.


West Javanese Combro Cake Recipe withEgg


In addition to the filling, it’s just oncom, it turns out that you can add balado eggs as the best ingredient so that the combro flavor is tastier. Here you first need to buy cassava, grated coconut, salt, leek and oil. To keep the taste good, do not use used oil as it can be mixed with other flavors.


Meanwhile, before filling, it is necessary to pay attention to making or mixing grilled oncom and chicken eggs. Both ingredients should be mixed with orange leaves, bay leaves or basil leaves because the aroma and taste are not annoying.


Especially when added with onions and garlic, salt and sugar. It must have tasted much tastier. In addition to regular eggs, you can also use salted eggs. Of course, the ingredients are still the same, namely cassava, grated coconut, salt and leek.


Making a combro cake recipe typical of west java salted eggs we also need to prepare grilled oncom, salted eggs, salt and sugar. To add deliciousness, also add onion and garlic and chili. You can adjust this chili yourself to taste but nice and spicier.


Later, the mixture of salted eggs and oncom should be crushed until it is completely together. Do not forget to add the mixture again so that the smell, aroma and taste are richer. It is recommended once when adding orange leaves or basil leaves. The combro taste is guaranteed to be even more unusual than the original version alone.


Sweet and savory filling ingredient recipe


If you’ve tried the original and spicy, this time it’s your turn to make the filling until it’s sweeter in taste. You can first prepare grated cassava and remove the water, grated coconut and salt. Here we need protein as a sesame binder so that it does not fall because the main highlight is indeed sesame.


For filling, it is necessary to prepare grated coconut, pandan leaves and brown sugar in advance. In the brown sugar section, try to feel really smooth before putting it in so that it melts more easily. Then use for the pandan leaves themselves that are not too old, so that the color does not interfere and the taste is not bitter.


To make the inside, it should not be placed directly, since the viewing leaves are only used for the aroma. Therefore, you need to cook the filling before putting it in the dough. For a thin form of dough and apply it to sesame, then the recipe for combro cake typical of West Java is  ready to be baked.


This frying process should be considered to prevent the outside from looking brown, but it turns out that the inside is still raw. This is more or less the same when making another recipe, namely Misro. Actually, it does not differ much from the content of the to because it uses cassava, grated coconut and salt as an extra flavor.


This sweet West Java combro cake recipe definitely requires brown sugar as a filling and comb so that it melts more easily when baked. Perhaps comro and misro are the most popular menus in the combro variant of the Sundanese. So if you search the streets, it should be easiest to find it.


Keep in mind that when making misro, the melted sugar doesn’t melt until it comes out, so this should be avoided by making a strong dough. Later we bake until it is brown and best when it is still warm. You can serve misro to friends or family while enjoying coffee or hot tea.


If you look at all the edited menus above, it is not wrong if beginners in the world of BIKA cooking master it more easily. In addition, the materials do not have to be special, but they can try to make their own materials. If you want to try something that definitely works, just follow the recipe for combro cakes typical of West Java .

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